Who is Kheperer

We are a multi-disciplinary research group for the optimization of logistic and production processes in industrial and system engineering contexts


… The achievement of waste free «lean and smart factories», where the digital and the physical words are completely connected, data are always available and performance deviations can be monitored in real time and immediately addressed …. 

In this cyber-physical system, people do not waste their time, but can devote themselves, completely, to high-value stimulating activities, delegating calculations and routine tasks to robots and computers. In case of problems, the system promptly informs human experts and suggests possible solutions, which can be simulated, tested, and thoroughly assessed. 

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To support SMEs in their pathway toward an Industry 4.0 (and 5.0) status, through the preliminary analysis of internal processes, and the selection, implementation, integration and customisation of emerging and/or innovating ICT technologies. 

To develop a fully integrated “Digital Lean Toolkit” empowered by artificial Intelligence approaches for operational excellence and logistics optimisation in manufacturing companies. 

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Demand Forecasting

Kheperer’s Deep Learning solutions enable your company to leverage all your complex and heavy data to automatically capture the relationships between multiples demand drivers for highly accurate demand forecasting, thus making possible to improve planning processes spanning from supply chain and operations management.

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Picking systems optimization

Kheperer’s picking solutions are able to organize in autonomy the daily retrieval of items made by operators, automated guided vehicles, or robots. In this way, you will have more time to dedicate to kaizen and improvement activities.

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Card Based System

Kheperer’s Card Based System ranges from the basic 2-Kanbans, perfect in case of low variety system with stable demand, to the more complex POLCA system, suited for job shops with variegated demand. Unfortunately, simple rules for proper selection and dimensioning do not exist. But do not be puzzled, we can support you in this process, from the system conceptualization to its final deployment in the shop floor.

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eBike Factory Game

Kheperer’s eBike Factory Game allow players to cooperate in running a factory. By acting the part of procurement, operations and sales managers, players will need to coordinate themselves and make their factory thrive against competitors, which are simultaneously managed by other players.

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