Learn how to manage a real company by playing in a cooperative and competitive multiplayer serious game. The eBike Factory Game from Kheperer allow players to cooperate in running a factory. By acting the part of procurement, operations and sales managers, players will need to coordinate themselves and make their factory thrive against competitors, which are simultaneously managed by other players. Our online Serious Game provides players with a realistic industrial experience, where companies compete in the same market, that is with the same list of suppliers and customers, and players learn how to take a set of day-to day and medium-term challenging decisions. Players and companies are then evaluated by a series of indicators and learning analytics, to better understand the learning process and guide the learners in their gamified educational journey, while they’re having a lot of fun.

The strategic importance of learning by doing and serious games

The adoption of Serious Games can provide several outcomes, such as the acquisition of knowledge, the improvement of motivational, social, and physiological behaviours. Still, even if Serious Games are mainly focused on the improvement of the learners’ performances, it has been showed that games can promote intrinsic motivation, encouraging and sustaining learning, motivating learners to collaborate and share information effectively, thus also improving soft skills.

Our innovative serious game is suited for the educational needs of industrial engineers, with a focus on supply chain and operation management post-graduate students, as well as for a challenging practical experience of operations and supply chain managers. The main objective of our serious game is to provide an entertaining experience that allows to practice hard and soft skills and it provides an active knowledge acquisition, thus bridging the gap between theory learned on desk and its practical application.

Our solution

In The eBike Factory Game, players are divided into teams, each one representing an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM); in every team, players will collaborate to run their OEM company and they will compete in the same market, by sharing a limited set of suppliers and competing to meet demand of a limited number of customers agents. To this aim they have to define a strategy to target the best market segmentation. Companies, in fact, start with a fixed product portfolio, which can be extended or modified at precise moments dedicated to strategic decisions but during the gameplay. Each player performs a specific role within the company, with a precise scope and a pre-defined set of tasks to be accomplished for an effective and efficient management.

The game has been designed as a multiplayer environment and implemented as a web application, so the only requirement for participants is to have a device (computer/tablet/smartphone) with any common web browser software.

With the eBike Factory Game from Kheperer you can:

  • Practice in a realistic industrial environment
  • Learn operations and supply chain management concepts by applying them in-the-field
  • Understand the importance of communication and coordination
  • Improve management and leadership in a cooperative and competitive environment

  • Improve motivational, social and physiological behaviours
  • Promote intrinsic motivation

… all of these while players enjoy an entertaining and playful environment!

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