Kheperer’s picking solutions are able to organize in autonomy the daily retrieval of items made by operators, automated guided vehicles, or robots. In this way, you will have more time to dedicate to kaizen and improvement activities.

The organization of picking operations can be customized according to the customer’s need and implemented in a software ad hoc. The developed solution aims to reduce the overall distance traveled by pickers and can take care of several picking strategies (e.g., case picking, order picking, zone picking, batch picking, etc.) and several aspects, such as the way in which items are placed on pallets, the capacity of trans-pallets, the collocation of items inside the warehouse, the presence of an automated warehouse, and many else.

The strategic importance of picking and internal logistics operations

An efficient organization of picking activities leads to important benefits:

  • The time in which customers orders are fulfilled in contained
  • The saturation of trucks is improved

  • The wastes an the non-value-added activities are reduced
  • The customers satisfaction is increased
  • The storage area is better exploited

All these advantages may be obtained without any consistent hardware investment, but simply reorganizing the routes, the sequence in which operations are carried out, and the way in which items are stored and retrieved.

Our solution

Our solution can be implemented in a stand alone application or in a more advanced web application able to communicate in real-time with other softwares (e.g., ERP, MES, and WMS).

Given a set of customers’ orders, the application makes use of an artificial intelligence algorithm based on solid mathematical rules, that defines the constitution of pallets used to fulfill the orders, the items collected by each operator, the sequence in which the storage locations are visited, and, eventually, other aspects which is possible to discuss with the partner company.

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